Transforming Walls

How to Choose a Bulletin Board at the Home Depot


A decorative bulletin board is a great way to transform a bare wall. It can be used to display students’ work, showcase school spirit, or celebrate a holiday. It can also be used to teach a lesson or reinforce a concept. These boards are typically themed and often use color to evoke an emotional response from the audience.

A large bulletin board is a perfect place to communicate upcoming events or important messages to students, customers, employees, and visitors. It can be updated frequently to keep the message fresh and visible for walk-by audiences.

A variety of materials are available for bulletin boards, including cork and fabric. Choose the material that best fits your needs and budget. For example, a fabric bulletin board may be more durable than a cork one, but it will not be as resilient to frequent display changes as a cork board. Some fabric boards come with a dry erase surface, while others do not.

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