26 Calming Modern Rainbow Classroom Borders Bundle

Using a Bulletin Board Design Border

Showcase student work, deliver visual cues, and support classroom routines with bulletin board ideas. Create a countdown to an event, or display classroom rules and expectations for all to see.

This bundle contains 26 printable classroom borders in a calming modern rainbow theme to make your bulletin boards POP!

1. Choose a theme.

Teachers use classroom bulletin boards to showcase student work and to create thematic displays about subjects that interest students. However, many teachers have to juggle so much during the day that they don’t always have time to update bulletin boards or find creative ways to draw attention to lesson plans and other classroom information.

Fortunately, there are several fun and easy bulletin board design ideas that can make any display stand out without taking up a lot of your precious teaching time. For example, you can add a pretty border made of wired ribbon or tulle. These materials are not as flimsy as paper and they also hide staple holes better. To create a more cohesive look, use multiple border trims of contrasting colors and textures together.

2. Pick a color scheme.

Using colorful borders can draw attention to important classroom announcements, student work, and more. Choose from a wide variety of color schemes and designs in our collection of bulletin board trim.

You can also use fabric for your borders instead of paper. Fabric will last longer, does not tear as easily, and is less likely to show staple holes when you remove your displays.

Another option for a border is strips of kite paper. You can bundle up the translucent paper strips so that they do not meet end to end. You can fluff them out into flowers to create a pretty border. You can even layer different border trims to add more interest to your displays.

3. Pick a font.

Whether you’re a teacher or a home decorator, it’s important to choose the right font for your bulletin board. You want a font that is bold and will stand out in any color scheme you use. The best way to find the perfect font is to look at free samples online.

Once you’ve found the font that you like, you’ll need to print it out on colored paper. This will make the letters pop and add a little extra flair to your bulletin board.

Another great option for a bulletin board border is fabric. It does not fad as quickly as paper and it also does not tear. Plus, staple holes are less noticeable with fabric. You can also try ruffled brown paper or bunched up strips of kite paper.

4. Add a design.

A design on a bulletin board border adds to the overall appeal of a display. The design can be anything from a ribbon to ruffled paper or even fabric. Wired ribbons are great because they are flexible and can be bent into beautiful ripples around the border. Bunched tulle is another nice option for a pretty border trim. It’s easy to find tulle in lots of different colors and it works well on bulletin boards.

There are some teachers that just have a knack for creating gorgeous bulletin boards. They can take any theme and create a beautiful display with minimal effort. These teachers know how to layer borders and choose materials that coordinate with each other. They are also experts at using a variety of different tools to make their boards pop.

5. Add a border.

Teachers think of all sorts of creative ways to decorate their classrooms. One simple yet effective way to make a bulletin board pop is by adding a border. The right border can draw students’ attention to important classroom announcements, student work, and more.

Use decorative ribbons with wire embedded in both sides to create a colorful border trim. This type of ribbon comes in a wide variety of colors and styles, and it is easy to cut to length using scissors or a paper cutter.

Bunch strips of colorful translucent paper together to form a border strip. This paper is often called kite paper or tissue paper. Then, staple them along your bulletin board but don’t staple at the end points. Fluff up the strips and they will look like flower pompoms.

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